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Valencia in Spain is a curious historic-modern city full of surprises, especially during festivities

For years, Valencia has been one of the most popular Mediterranean destinations for Spanish living inland. Over the years, Americans, travelers from other Europeans countries and also Asians have found Valencia’s ancient and ultramodern sights, delicious food scene and massive fiestas. A travel guide for Valencia shows the places to visit, and things to do in this Spain’s third largest city.

book cover: Valencia Spain

Valencia is regarded as the birth place of paella and also the home of the Holy Grail (it can be seen in the Cathedral). These two examples, however, are only two of the curiosities in the city. There is plenty more to discover.

Everyone, or at least Batman fans, know that New York City was the image Gotham City. Still, there are few – if any – symbols of bats in the New York City. There is a city in Europe where bat is the key symbol: Valencia in Spain. When roaming in Valencia, study the environment, and you’ll see bat symbols on the facades of buildings, towers, and even on streets.

bat symbol on the street in Valencia, Spain

Valencia, Spain – The Key Sights, Places, and Events has all the essential travel information a visitor needs during a city break, or during a vacation when there is perhaps time to see the sights outside the city as well.

The Spanish culture and etiquette somewhat differ from other European nations. Almost the entire Iberian Peninsula was ruled by Arabs for five centuries, after all, and the long dictatorship of Franco ended in 1975. The travel guide tells about those sides of the Spanish culture that travelers are likely to encounter in Valencia.

Here are a few tips for choosing the best time to visit Valencia. Summer months are warm and humid, which is why locals like to stay on the beach or escape the humidity to the mountains. If you want to party along with Valencians in the biggest fiesta you have ever seen, the Fallas in March is the best choice. Every weekend year-round is party time in the historic city center (it is filled with bars and restaurants), and every day is a remarkable sightseeing and learning day in the City of Arts and Sciences. Travelers who want to enjoy outdoor activities, or explore the city on foot or by bicycle, autumn, winter and spring are the perfect seasons.

The Valencia, Spain travel guide book is available for download in all major online bookstores, for instance:, Scribd, and Apple Books.

museo de bellas artes, Valencia Spain
Museo de Bellas Artes next to Turia Park
city of arts and sciences, Valencia, Spain
The City of Arts and Sciences.

All photos from the Klaava Travel Guide Valencia, Spain.

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