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Algarve, Southern Portugal – Klaava Travel Guide

travel guidebook cover image: Algarve, Portugal Author: Ari Hakkarainen. Publisher: Klaava Media. Published: January 2018. Available in Apple iBooks, Barnes and Noble, Google Play, Tolino, Amazon Kindle Store, and at other major bookstores.

Portugal in southern Europe has become a trendy and popular travel destination for people who are looking for a city break in one of the major cities of the country, and for people who enjoy the sun and the sea. The principal destination in Portugal for sunseekers and outdoors lovers is Algarve, the country’s southernmost province. Algarve, Southern Portugal is a visual travel guide that shows the key places, sights, and activities on the south coast.

Gothenburg and Sweden’s West Coast

Klaava Travel Guide

Gothenburg and Sweden's West Coast Author: Ari Hakkarainen. Publisher: Klaava Media. Published: March 2015. Available in Apple iBooks, Amazon Kindle and EPUB formats.

Gothenburg and Sweden’s West Coast is a visual travel guide packed with information, photographs, maps and videos on this exquisite Scandinavian destination. Long time ago, Vikings used to live in the region, but also Danes and Norwegians have ruled the West Coast. Region’s history is still present in many castles, fortresses and old villages, but equally impressive is the scenery across the beautiful archipelago.

Behind the Screen Nokia’s success story in an industry of navel-gazing executives and crazy frogs

Behind the Screen by Ari Hakkarainen. 2nd updated edition. Publisher: Klaava Media. Published: September 2010. Behind the Screen unveils Nokia’s success story through people, business initiatives and products. The book explores key moments, key technologies and key managers who contributed to the company’s growth to become the world’s favorite mobile phone brand. After Apple introduced the iPhone, Google gave away a software for smartphones, and Skype generated revenues from a free telephone service, it wasn’t enough for Nokia just to crank out products for the vast Indian market. The industry had changed irrevocably. Whereas people in established markets wanted to access their favorite social networking services like Facebook or Twitter using a mobile device, people in emerging markets needed their first e-mail accounts. That’s where Nokia’s Internet service Ovi came in. The book unfolds the stories behind Nokia’s successful and unsuccessful businesses and products. It might be impossible to replicate Nokia’s success, but the stories offer valuable nuggets on how to thrive in global markets. Downloads ISBN 978-952-5901-06-1 Ebook for the Amazon Kindle ISBN 978-952-5901-07-8 Ebook available in the Apple iBookstore More information about the book and free downloads here.

CNET Do-It-Yourself Camera and Music Phone Projects

book cover: Cnet Do-It-Yourself Camera Phone Projects Ari Hakkarainen. ISBN: 0071485643, Publisher: McGraw-Hill/TAB Electronics.

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