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One specific activity dominates the internet minute in 2019

It is pretty amazing what happens on the internet during 60 seconds. One might think that since almost everyone hangs out at Facebook and believes the Google search box is the gateway to online services that these two would be the most popular destinations. That’s not the case. Email and messaging are the busiest activities during an average internet minute.

The world’s number one internet activity is messaging. It takes many forms, like text messaging, chat messaging and email. In fact, three most popular activities during an internet minute in 2019 are all about messaging:

  1. Email: 188 million messages sent during a minute.
  2. Whatsapp and Facebook messaging: 41.6 million messages sent.
  3. Text messages: 18.1 million sent.

Email is the clear winner with more than four times more activity than the second most popular service. The popularity of email is still growing (after all those years when it was announced dead).

internet minute 2019 infographic

The infographic was created by @lorilewis and @OfficiallyChadd.

Next most popular activities during an internet minute were:

  • 4. 4.8 animated GIF images served by Giphy service.
  • 5. 4.5 million YouTube videos viewed.
  • 6. 3.8 million Google search queries performed.

Google and Facebook are the dominant services providers where internet users go when they want to communicate, to be entertained, or search information, ideas or news.

If we compare the 2019 internet minute to the statistics from 2018, only one activity has lost users. Only Snapchat’s traffic has gone downhill, all other services and activities are still growing.

For more details on the internet trends, Mary Meeker has published her annual report that is packed with statistics and data on the digital world. Since more than half of the world is already online, growth has stabilized. Those people who have access to the network, spend increasingly more time online.

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