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Five Tips for Creating a Phenomenal Newsletter

From: FundsforWriters

A successful newsletter goes beyond generating a massive mailing list – although that is the tacit tenant that drives us all. Smart authors strive to create content that not only compels subscribers to read and share but also urges them to act in a manner that generates sales. This goes beyond the basic, and frankly overused, taglines such as “I have a gift for you,” or “Buy my book for a free gift.” This type of marketing push is vague and lacks the creativity you possess as a writer, so here are five stress-free ways to give your newsletter that coveted edge.

1 – Use the subject line to offer a specific value.

Since newsletters by definition are promotional tools, avoid leading with the obvious sales pitch. Instead, give your audience something other authors can’t. If you write cozies, promote your book with a subject line like “Detective Dolly’s Ten Tips on How to Hide Anything” or “Six Lasagna Recipes from Detective Dolly.” Offer value that shows you know your audience, and place those items at the end of the email (so the reader scrolls through the entirety of your content).

2 – Lead with your most important information.

Pre-sales, book signings, product launches – put whatever is most important to you at the top. Think like a newspaper writer. Lead with the headline. Everything above the fold of the newspaper (or in this case the vertical scroll of your device’s screen) equals the information the audience is most likely to see and digest.

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