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WordPress news summary: tips for customization, fixing problems, avoiding burn-out

News for WordPress admins, developers and Linux fans

How to Customize a WordPress Theme for Your Site or Blog

Wide variety of themes available for free or for a small cost is one of the key reasons for the popularity of WordPress. For an organization or an individual it is almost always elemental to make a theme personal, something unique that represents the publisher. Customization can be done with a small effort once you know how to modify an existing theme. This article explains five different ways to customize a theme, but our recommendation is to create a child theme (maybe in 99.9% of cases it is the best long-term solution).

Using WordPress as an Enterprise Content Management System

WordPress as a publishing platform is something I believe defines the software better than a content management system when referring to enterprises. Nextcloud is probably a better representative of an open source enterprise content management system. Nonetheless, the article makes good points about WordPress in enterprise environment.

Find and Fix the Source of WordPress White Screen of Death

You are working on your WordPress site when suddenly, the screen turns blank. You simply can’t access your site anymore. That’s the dreaded White Screen of Death. The article gives a few tips how to recover from this nasty situation.

Even WordPress experts must eat

Good food in moderation is what every admin and developer needs to keep the brains functioning at maximum level. The Engineer’s Cookbook provides the instructions for preparing delicious meals (with a few tips for etiquette as well). Written by an engineer to an engineer.

What you need to know about burnout in open source communities

Following a heated battle of arguments at any open source community has sometimes made me think if these people are experiencing burn out symptoms. This article may not directly answer my question, but reminds everyone of the signs that indicate of problems.

Pcloud storage reviewed

Linux Adictos tested the Pcloud online storage service, and they really liked the features and value for the money. You can start free (10 GB) or choose a paid plan from 500GB up. The service is based in Switzerland, and committed to security and privacy.

Google’s top reward for hacking Android is now $1 million

Well, even criminal hackers might turn their attention to this initiative because of the high return.

Brave 1.0 is ready for privacy-loving web surfers

I have been using Brave browser for quite some time already, and never even noticed that it was a beta version. It works well, and protects privacy by default. Recommended.

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