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Travel planning for destinations with more space than crowds

Planning a trip isn’t always easy, but it sometimes is the most fun part of the trip. Nothing can go wrong when planning. The exciting thing, of course, is the actual journey, whether it is fun or not depends on many factors. In May 2020, many travelers are considering destinations that are not too crowded. Perhaps towns, beaches or natural parks where everyone has plenty of space. Here are a few tips how to find that place.

cover image of travel guide: Gothenburg and sweden's west coast

First, it is worth mentioning that the second edition of Klaava Travel Guide to Southern Sweden is available. South of Sweden, the city of Gothenburg and the beautiful West Coast region show their best sides from May until September. Sure, the old town center of Gothenburg can be crowded, but Sweden is a Nordic country with plenty of space. Another nice Nordic city is Helsinki, and for those who want endless wild, natural space, Lapland is the right address.

Even during the time when a pandemic disease has halted travel around the world, and about 90% of flights are grounded, tourists are busily planning for their next trips. Data collected by search engines shows that inquiries on travel destinations and bookings are at a higher level for the second half of the year than they were a year before (for the previous year’s second half). The hottest destinations among vacation planners at the moment are France, Italy, Japan, Spain and South Korea.

Start planning for the next trip

If you already have decided your next destination, or want to find out what it is really like in that destination of your dreams, a visual travel guidebook with plenty of photos is a good source of reliable information.

Listening to podcasts are a convenient way to get information on topics you want. Digital nomads who work and travel the world are a good source of information, as well as industry professionals who create podcast shows. A few travel podcasts worth listening to are Indie Travel, Radio Vagabond, and RV Lifestyle (road trips, camping, motorhomes).

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