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Top 5 Linux podcasts for keeping up to date with technology and learning more

Linux is becoming more important operating system for personal computers, tablets, and mobile phones. A reason must be continuous news on privacy breaches and security problems in mainstream operating systems. Linux has its brilliant features and quirks that new users must learn. Here is a list of podcasts that can help you keep up to date with developments in Linux and to learn more about it.

I chose both deeply technical and non-technical podcasts to the top 5. A few excellent podcasts didn’t quite fit into the definition of a Linux podcast, but they are listed in the end because – one way or another – they often are linked to Linux. I wanted to avoid podcasts that use plenty of time reviewing and rating Linux distribution packages (distros), like Fedora, Arch, Ubuntu, or Puppy. There are many podcasts out there that do it if you want to follow that genre. Linux distros are important and everyone of them has its own purpose, but I’m happy to get brief news only.

Top 5 Linux podcasts (in alphabetical order)

Going Linux

Two Linux experts who host the podcast are also experts of explaining complex technology issues to ordinary computer users. The show features episodes that guide Windows and Mac users to migrate to Linux, and interviews, but my favorites are frequent episodes where the hosts answer listener questions. Anyone who has worked in tech support or in computer user training know what a challenge it is to explain technology to people who love cats and dogs, not computers.

Late Night Linux

An entertaining show from techies who know their Linux and hardware, but can talk about it so that you don’t have to be a guru to enjoy it. It is also refreshing to hear English angle on tech and Linux.


Linux and funny don’t usually fit into the same sentence, but Bryan Lunduke’s legendary Linux Sucks show does it. That’s an annual speech that he gives, and the rest of the time he publishes tech related podcasts and blog posts. His Linux Sucks shows are available on YouTube.


The hosts of the TechSnap podcast dive deep into a technology or a product in each episode. Technical knowledge and understanding of how computers and networks work are essential when listening to the podcast, but it is possible to learn a lot about each show.

Linux for Everyone

Although the host of the podcast knows Linux, he often likes to approach it from the ordinary user’s perspective. An episode even features his wife who reviews Ubuntu. The host is a media professional who knows how to produce a good show.

Podcasts related to Linux that are worth listening

The following podcasts are not strictly about Linux, but they address topics that often relate to the software.


IntelTechniques podcast is about open source intelligence and protection of privacy on the internet and in the world in general. Every episode is a treasure trove of information for all internet users who want to stay safe on the net. The host has written books about Osint and privacy and has also made guides available on his web site.

Reality 2.0

The hosts of Reality 2.0 have a long and wide ranging experience in technology, but in this podcast they focus on the impact that technologies and products have on people, businesses and society. Topics, like privacy, security, and open source in the networked world are often on the table.


If you already have a Linux computer at home, you probably have thought about using it as a server that could automate a few things around the house, store all your and your family’s files, provide a secure VPN tunnel to the internet, and so on. Self-hosted podcast is for you, but the hosts assume listeners understand software and hardware technology.

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