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The best ebook reader apps for different purposes

When you start a brand new Windows computer for the first time, and want to read an ebook with it, you have to download and install a reading application on the PC. Here are the best ebook reading apps for Windows 10 PCs for different types of books.

It is important to remember that the vast majority ebooks have been created either in EPUB or Kindle format. Epub is the universal standard that is compatible with practically all ebook devices and apps, except for the Amazon Kindle. Bookstores, like Apple Books, Google Play, Barnes&Noble, Kobo, Tolino, and libraries, among others, have all ebooks in Epub format.

Ebooks downloaded from the Amazon Kindle Store are formatted for Kindle, and can’t usually be opened in Epub apps (there are some apps that can do it). The Kindle reader app can be downloaded here.

One more file format is Adobe PDF that usually requires a dedicated PDF Viewer/Reader app (some ebook reading apps can open PDF files, too). Many bookstores don’t market PDF books at all because reading the fixed PDF layout on a screen is not convenient. An exception to this is a large screen PC or a dedicated e-reader device, such as Sony, Onyx or Bouye designed for reading and annotating PDF documents.

freda ebook reading app, settings screen

Let’s take a look at the best Epub reading applications for Windows 10. A safe place to get Windows apps is the Microsoft Store. You can find it when you open the Start menu (bottom-left corner) on your PC, and scroll the list on the left until you can choose Microsoft Store.

Five free Epub reader applications for Windows 10

Cover Comic Reader
Cover reading app has been designed for ebooks with plenty of images, such as comics and manga. It manages its key function well. Cover reader can open Epub books, and it is certainly possible to read any type of Epub ebooks with it.

Freda ebook reader application comes with plenty of functionality. Nonetheless, it is easy to get started with it because the app is connected to ebook archives that provide free and public domain works. It is possible to instantly download a book, open it, and read without worrying about all the functionality. When you want to explore Freda’s features, don’t get lost, there are plenty of settings to tweak if you want. Freda has been designed for touch screen devices, but it works fine on an ordinary Windows laptop.

kobo epub reading app for Windows 10

Kobo ebookstore also markets e-reader devices designed for Epub books. Kobo provides reading apps for mobile devices and PCs. The apps and devices are linked to the Kobo store where you can download books and read them in the app. Kobo’s Windows 10 reader application has a clean, simple layout and it is easy to use. It has just enough features to allow you to adjust your preferred reading settings. It is possible to upload Epub books you have on your PC to the Kobo reader app. These books are stored on your Kobo account for access on other devices as well.

If your library provides ebooks, Overdrive may be the system that operates in the background and manages the loans. This is the ebook reader app for you if you borrow ebooks from your library.

Audiobook and ebook subscription service Storytel has developed applications for mobile devices and PCs. The apps let you read and listen to books included in the subscription. The best thing with Storytel is that it has both ebooks and audiobooks in the same catalog. You can always choose if you want to listen or read a book. Scribd is another book subscription service that has both ebooks and audiobooks, but on a Windows PC, books must be accessed in a browser, not in an app.

Other useful Epub apps

Adobe Digital Editions is not even close to being among the best Epub reading apps, but some bookstores may require it is used to access purchased ebooks. This is because of the copy-protection (DRM) mechanism the bookstore may have embedded in an ebook.

Microsoft Edge browser (comes with Windows 10) can open Epub books directly in a browser tab.

Apple MacBook laptops with a fairly recent operating system version come with the Apple Books reading application. It is one of the best Epub reader apps, and you probably not need another reading app on a MacBook or iPad (unless you have Kindle ebooks).

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