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Mobile devices you need for staying online on the road

Planning what to pack on a trip can be a tricky task, and if your work involves computers and connectivity, it complicates the task even more. The length of a trip, is it a work or leisure journey, the packing space available, and expected time without ability to recharge gadgets affect the decision which devices to take along. The crucial thing is to stay connected with the world. Here are our tips which mobile devices you need when you travel.

Of course, you will carry your phone, but if you plan to work during the trip as well, more gadgets are required. The following mobile devices are useful when you travel (the detailed explanation for each gadget can be viewed in this article).

pinephone linux phone

We all know how important phones are in our lives, and when we travel, the magic of universal connectivity is simply impressive. Your phone connects to the internet using a local mobile network practically anywhere in the world, and you can be reached on your phone number. In addition, a phone can help you navigate, take photos, translate foreign languages, and much more. De-googled phones are considered to have better security than Android or Apple phones.

Huawei 4G Wi-Fi router access point

Battery powered Wi-Fi router
A small mobile Wi-Fi router is an essential gadget for travelers who want to secure their communications and get online anywhere a mobile network signal can be found. The mobile Wi-Fi router is a phone-size device with its own SIM card. It connects to a mobile network and provides a safe Wi-Fi hotspot (it is yours, and you decide who can access it) for all your tablets, e-readers, phones, cameras, and computers.

Earbuds (instead of headphones or wireless earbuds) are practical on the road because they are small and you don’t have to worry about charging them.

windows 10 lock screen on surface go2

Tablet or laptop
A tablet or a compact laptop is not a product that every traveler wants to carry along, but people who have to work on the road need one or the other. If you choose a tablet, consider a model that comes with a keyboard

Ereader or phone
An e-reader or a spare phone is an optional product for travelers who like to read books or listen to audiobooks. E-readers have a special greyscale display and long battery life. On the other hand, the benefit of a spare phone is that you can use it as a backup navigator or Wi-Fi hotspot (in addition to using it as an ereader and audiobook player).

power bank and phone

Power bank
A power bank provides energy for battery powered devices when a wall socket isn’t available for charging. To fully charge a modern phone, you need a power bank about the size of the phone. Charging bigger devices like tablets or laptops require a larger power bank that are practical only on road trips.

Dedicated camera
A dedicated camera feels like extra weight for travelers who don’t take photography seriously. A modern phone has a good enough camera for 99% of people, after all. Is a good phone camera enough for you, do you need a dedicated camera, or a backpack full of photography gear is a choice every photographer makes before a trip.

amazfit sportswatch on wrist

Smartwatch or fitness tracker
A smartwatch or fitness tracker is an optional gadget for travelers who are planning outdoor activities or who want to follow how their body reacts to travel experiences.

I travel frequently and have a dedicated kit for cables, chargers and adapters. It is always ready for another journey. Make sure you have your kit ready before the trip. The EU decision to enforce manufacturers to adopt USB-C as the universal charging port is warmly welcomed. From 2024 on, new small mobile devices must have USB-C charging capability. Laptops and other large devices are allowed more time to adapt to the new regulation.

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