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WordPress news summary: Solid privacy project progress, OnlyOffice for Nextcloud, WordPress trends 2020

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News about WordPress, Nextcloud, Linux and security

Inrupt, Tim Berners-Lee’s Solid, and Bruce Schneier

The father of the World Wide Web Tim Berners-Lee announced an ambitious project known as Solid about 18 months ago. The idea is to build a system that allows people to host and control their own digital data. Now, the renowned security expert Bruce Schneier announced that he has been working for the project quite awhile already. Suddenly, the project became more credible.

A Complete Guide to HTTP Status Codes

Sure, every web site admin has seen more than enough of 404 and 500 error codes flashing on their servers, but there are many more codes, and each of them can tell something useful. For instance, tracking a complex problem by studying log files can reveal plenty of information on what has happened. The article explains the http error codes – all of them.

Beta version of WordPress 5.4 available for testing

WordPress version 5.4 is scheduled to be available March 31, 2020. Beta version of the new release is available for testing for anyone who wants to try it out. The biggest changes affect the block editor, aka Gutenberg.

What is Nextcloud Hub and how to install it or upgrade from a previous version

Upgrading to Nextcloud 18 from version 17 has been straightforward (so far), but installing Nextcloud from scratch requires some time and Linux knowledge. Here is a guide for both, and it also explains what is the difference between Nextcloud Hub and version 18.

How to install OnlyOffice in Nextcloud Hub (v.18)

From version 18 onwards, OnlyOffice is the default collaboration office suite in Nextcloud. For those system admins who are planning to install Nextcloud Hub from scratch, OnlyOffice comes with the installation package. If you are upgrading from a previous Nextcloud version, you have to install OnlyOffice separately. Here is how.

Travel guide to France: Nice, Riviera, and coastal Provence

The French Riviera is a year-round travel destination along the coast of the Mediterranean Sea. The travel guidebook shows the famous must-see and off-the-beaten-path destinations in the region.

Five Top WordPress Trends In 2020

Forbes suggests five key developments for WordPress web sites in 2020. Seamless bot integration, voice interaction, multipurpose themes and animated pages are on top of Forbes’ list.

The Linux Foundation identifies most important open-source software components and their problems

The most widely used open source software components are not the ones you may be thinking of. Smaller pieces of code than Apache or WordPress are far more common than large packages. This is a long article with plenty of links to explore further, but the essence of it for me was that it is extremely important to study the pros and cons of the chosen open source software components before building your own system on top of them.

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