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The Case for Beta Readers

From: FundsforWriters

More authors are beta-ing their books than ever before. But many writers are asking the question, “Why should I use beta readers?” This question is usually followed by either “I write well enough not to need it,” or, “It seems like a lot of work just to hear from regular readers.”

To answer those questions, I’d like to share some examples of how authors are utilizing betas as a key component of their authorial career.

Market Feedback

When you run a beta read, you receive the story feedback you need to help you spot problems and polish your story to fit your target market. Authors who have a beta-ready manuscript, give clear instructions, and engage with their readers, end up getting great feedback that they can incorporate into their edits, branding, and career development. It’s the same idea as the test-screenings that are common in Hollywood, getting reactions from readers before you publish gives you a better chance of producing a bestseller.

Building Your Brand

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