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Microsoft is ready to unveil Windows 11

Microsoft has been teasing PC users with a new generation of Windows for a while now. Hints from the company suggest that it is not just getting ready to update the existing Windows 10 software but will come up with a new version of the operating system; Windows 11.

On June 24, 2021, the software giant introduced the next big thing. The company showed an image of what the new Windows logo will look like during the event. The light in this new logo was shining in only two vertical bars, coming up with an outline similar to number 11. The company then showed an animated version of the logo, and this made it clear that the company had ignored the usual vertical bars.

Windows 11 beta, design, price, and release date

Windows 11 will be out later in 2021 during the holiday season. Rumors say that Windows 11 will be out in October, but that is not yet confirmed. Microsoft has 1 billion monthly active Windows 10 users. After the launch of Windows 11, the numbers are expected to increase. Microsoft says that new PCs with Windows 11 pre-installed and those currently running Windows 10 will get a free upgrade.

Windows 11 has a new feel and look that is user-friendly and attractive. The Start button is at the center and pressing it shows your recent apps, docs, and files. Apps here have more rounded corners to make the Taskbar look streamlined and fresher. Also, you can switch to dark mode if you want the content to stand out.

Still, there will be more space between icons on the touch bar, making it easier to tap the correct icon. If that doesn’t work for you, Microsoft is looking forward to inserting visual cues which will help you move and resize windows easily.

Microsoft will add a new productivity feature that will help you remain on track. The Snap Navigator is one such feature. This feature drops down from the maximize button of an app and allows you to snap an app to a set of grid layouts without dragging the window to the edge of the display.

A new app, the Chat app, allows you to share videos, texts, and files with colleagues, family, and friends through Microsoft Teams. This app is located in the Taskbar.

Windows 11 will also be compatible with casino games. The software will have the best and latest features in storylines, gameplay and graphics.

Among the most significant new system requirement by Windows 11 is that the new operating system will run on 64 bit processors only. Microsoft does not plan to release a 32 bit version of the software, but 32 bit apps will usually run on Windows 11.

Do not expect to find any mini 8 inch tablets or phones powered by Windows 11. This is because the operating system requires a display size of at least 9 inches. The RAM memory requirement has also increased to 4GB. The required storage space has also been bumped from 16GB to 64GB.

Transitioning from Windows 10 to Windows 11

Microsoft rarely disappoints, and based on the preview of Windows 11, this new operating system will do well. The future of Windows looks promising with the latest operating system, which strongly focuses on learning and hybrid work.

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