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Hey Google, when will your engineers resolve the AdSense account access problem?

I’m not 100% sure, but because I have been in similar situation with other Google products before, I think that AdSense doesn’t like the fact that I travel for work. During the last four weeks, Google AdSense advertising service has kindly, but somewhat confusingly informed me that our account is inaccessible when I try to login.

The message AdSense displays is this:

“We apologize for the inconvenience, but we are unable to process your request at this time. Our engineers have been notified of this problem and will work to resolve it.”

Thanks, Google, for an error message that doesn’t tell anything, but hints that I should just sit back and wait until your engineers fix the login problem.

I could access the AdSense account a few weeks ago, but suddenly it refused to let me in. Yes, I’m in another country now than a few weeks ago. Yes, sometimes I use a VPN to confuse Google security procedures even more. For years, activities like these have been red flags for Google that easily blocks all access to Gmail, Drive, Photos, and whatever Google services you might be using. I learned my lesson years ago (it was painful, but I have never looked back), and quit the mentioned Google services altogether.

This time, however, the reason for Google to block access to my account wasn’t that I had traveled to another country. The reason was that Google is making practically all of its money from online advertising.

google adsense setup screen

The solution to the Google’s “Sorry for the inconvenience” problem

Sure, there is a solution to the Google’s fake “our engineers will work to resolve it” message. The real reason behind the sudden blocking of the account was that AdSense doesn’t like ad blockers. As you may know, an ad blocker is an extension or built-in feature in a web browser that prevents online ads showing in web pages you view and prevents the ads following you around the internet.

Why does Google deliberately give an impression that the company is actively working to fix this abrupt problem? What is the point of misleading people, delivering false information to customers and business partners?

As I discovered the solution, the question was whether to disable the ad blocker on my computer and continue with AdSense, or quit Google AdSense. The decision was surprisingly easy.

Sorry Google, but you are not tracking me. If nothing else, I’m making tracking just a little harder for you. Again, you have wasted my time with your futile tricks. It takes valuable working hours from me to explore what the problems you have caused really mean in real life.

Getting rid of yet another Google product feels good. Like taking back control – at least, a little bit of more control over my work and presence online. Goodbye AdSense.

I’m using Opera browser on the computer where the AdSense problem appeared. Opera has a built-in ad blocker. It stays switched on. I rather find another online ad service. There are still people in this world who don’t have an ad blocker (yet).

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