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Laptops with pre-installed Linux operating system

Probably the typical way to dive into the world of Linux computers is to install a distribution on an old laptop or desktop computer. If you are doing it for the first time, you’ll find out it is not that easy, but quite time-consuming and requires technical knowledge. Ordering a computer that already has Linux pre-installed saves you from a lot of hassle. Here are laptops that can be ordered with Linux.

Before you push that order button on a vendor’s shop, check these three items (after verifying that the product specifications are something that you like):

  1. Can the laptop be configured with a keyboard that your language requires? For instance, Nordic languages, German and Spanish have special characters that are frequently used, so they should be readily accessible on the keyboard.
  2. If you think you might need support from the vendor, see if it is available and which languages support team understands.
  3. Does the vendor ship to your country, and how much does the delivery cost?

Here are the laptops available with Linux (in alphabetical order).

Dell has a couple of laptop models that come with Linux. For instance, XPS 13 has been liked by reviewers. Ubuntu or Red Hat distribution, depending on the model.

Entroware is British vendor specialized in Linux computers. The range of laptops is configured with Ubuntu. Prices start from 580 GBP. The company ships to the UK, Ireland, Italy, France, Spain, and Germany.

Juno Computers
British Linux specialist markets a range of laptops that are priced from GBP 400 to GBP 1600. You can select your keyboard, but Ubuntu is the only choice for operating system. The company ships to a large part of the world.

Juno computers linux laptop
Juno Computers.

Pine64 markets low-cost Linux phones, tablets, laptops, and components to let you build your own devices. Pinebook laptops start from USD 100.

Purism focuses on privacy and security in mobile phones and laptop computers. The vendor has created a specific distribution, PureOS, that is designed to deliver those key features. Laptop prices start from 1200 USD.

Spanish company Slimbook has a range of stylish laptops that come with Slimbook OS. The operating system is a derivative of Ubuntu. Prices of laptops start from 650 euros.

Star Labs
Star Labs laptops can be ordered with Ubuntu, Elementary, Mint, Manjaro, MX, or Zorin. Prices start from 450 euros.

System76 has six laptop models at the moment available with Pop!_OS or Ubuntu distribution. Prices start from USD 1000. Every model is configurable to your specifications.

Think Penguin
The US vendor markets three laptop models that come with Ubuntu. Products are shipped to most countries, but only with US keyboard layout. Product prices from USD 730 to USD 1000.

Tuxedo Computers
The German company has a wide range of Linux laptops from 10 inch to 17 inch products. Prices start from 900 euros. Manjaro is the distribution recommended by Tuxedo. Deliveries to Europe and to a number of other countries.

There are a few more companies that market Linux laptops, but some of them, for instance, had outdated store pages or were more focused on consulting.

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