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Amazon Prime Day doesn’t favor Kindle fans this year

From: Ebook Friendly

If you are planning to resubscribe to Amazon Prime mostly to get Kindle deals, think twice. This year, there are more cons than pros.

Some news sites are talking about Kindle deals you can get during Prime Day 2019 as “huge,” with prices that have “never been better” or are “lowest ever.” Calm down. It is true but only partially.

Additionally, when you compare what you get with what you give, you may come to the conclusion that Prime Day is not worth it this year.

What’s most important, however, is that if you had signed up for Prime before, ended the subscription, and want to resubscribe right now, you will have to pay the monthly fee upfront. There is no way to enjoy 30-day free trial again using the same account. A monthly fee makes any deal you get by $12.99 less attractive.

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