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Developing A Consistent Daily Writing Practice

From: Write Nonfiction NOW!

The majority of writers struggle to develop a consistent daily writing practice. Yet, there are ways to do so even when you feel pressed for time. Today, USA Today and Wall Street Journal bestselling author Marc Guberti (@MarcGuberti) provides several tips to get you writing every day.

Daily writing makes you a better writer and provides you with more content to share with your audience. However, writing every single day isn’t always easy. Things happen that can get in the way of writing consistently and forming a daily writing habit.

Daily writing starts with total clarity. Too many writers go into the day not sure what they will write about next. They know what book, article, blog, or other projects they have to complete, but they don’t know precisely what part they need to compose or what topic they need to tackle.

If you briefly look through the projects in front of you and assign different projects—or parts of projects—to different days, you’ll increase your clarity about what you need to write on any given day. This clarity will help you sit down daily and write without staring at a blank screen.

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