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Five Self-Publishing Mistakes Nonfiction Authors Should Avoid

From: Write Nonfiction NOW!

Everyone says self-publishing is easy, but your best efforts to self-publish a nonfiction book will fail if you don’t avoid these five common self-publishing mistakes. Today Emmanuel Nataf (@EmmanuelNataf), co-founder of Reedsy, offers some tips on how to do just that.

The self-publishing industry trumpets the benefits of becoming an indie publisher. You receive much higher royalty rates, have complete creative control over the entire process, and experience a quicker publishing timeline, to name a few. If you’ve even toyed with the idea of becoming self-published author, you know this. And those who promote self-publishing also claim it’s easy.

The self-publishing process is harder than you’d think – or were told. This become apparent quickly when you embark upon this path to becoming an author. Self-publishing holds its minefield of common mistakes that can backfire on you and your book. Make these common self-publishing mistakes, and your book will fail.

Given that nonfiction authors want to be seen as experts and influencers, and their books help them achieve that status, you want to avoid the minefield of self-publishing mistakes at all costs. You can do so with an awareness of the five of the most common mistakes made by self-published nonfiction authors. Dodge them as you embark on your journey to authorship, and you’ll develop a long – and safe – writing career.

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